How to assess your (copywriting) briefs

Writing briefs

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You wouldn’t ask a builder to construct a house without blueprints, or a painter to paint a portrait without a subject. So why would you ask a writer to produce an article without a proper copywriting brief? (more…)

How Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde teaches us to write quickly

Mr Hyde

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Have you ever wondered how some writers can sit in front of a keyboard and bash out hundreds of words in a matter of minutes? While you labour over every syllable of every sentence wondering, “when it will ever be ‘right’“? (more…)

So you got a revision request… what next?

Copywriting fail

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We know the feeling – you’ve spent the last hour researching and writing a text, it’s been edited and there are no mistakes, so you submit it well before the deadline… then, before you know it, it’s back on your dashboard. What did I do wrong? (more…)

Type the hype – the inimitable first post

Type the hype

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An online content company without a blog is like a car salesperson who rides the bus to work – if you want to be credible you have to walk to the talk.

Or in our case, type the hype.

So here it is – the greatcontent blog! Here you’ll find writing and SEO tips, advice on getting the most out of the greatcontent platform, and plenty of information on creating a more interesting internet for everyone.

Stay tuned – there’s a whole world of great content coming your way.

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