Don’t Let Bad Copywriting Services Damage your Brand Reputation


Google ranking is King, FACT! Meaning the quality of your website content can have a profound effect on your brand. Readers won’t to hang around if your website content is repetitive, irrelevant and uninspiring. Plus, low-quality content won’t rank high with Google or other search engines. You get what you pay for. If your copywriting service isn’t delivering content that is engaging, informative and well-researched, your brand reputation will suffer.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Content Terms

Bad content is the gruesome horror story to good content’s action-packed blockbuster. Publish poor content often enough and your brand will be relegated to the bargain bin rather than whisked onto the bestseller list. While bad content can confuse and annoy, good content rewards consumers with accurate, well-researched pieces that are an interesting read. Good content marks your brand as reliable and knowledgeable and it also transports you to the upper echelons in ranking terms. As for the ugly, well, we’ve all seen more than our fair share of appalling web pages.

Bad content mattered less a few years back; if your text contained a few keywords it would likely rank high. Keyword stuffing became an almost acceptable practice. After all, if it that’s all it took for your website to appear in the top 5 in searches, why not? However, things aren’t quite as simple now and you need more than keywords to ensure that your content is ranked at all. And here’s why;

Search Engines Are Clever – (and so are your website users)

From 2011 to 2012, algorithms like Google’s Panda and Penguin revolutionized the way that search engines ranked content. Unlike early bots, these new search engine crawlers can tell the difference between a silk purse and a sow’s ear.

Search Engine Optimised text is essential and a good copywriting service knows how to create it. Once, SEO simply meant adding those keywords and thinking of a snappy title that was less than 60 characters or less. Now it means taking a good look at how search engines rank your website based on its content – and what they’re looking for.

So what do those crawlers pick up on?

  • Length – if your blog posts tend to be no longer than a couple of sentences, search engine crawlers automatically assume that the content is thin. Aim for at least 200 words per blog post, preferably more.
  • Individuality and originality – Search engines can easily spot text that isn’t original so if you’re just rewriting what’s already on the web, your ranking will be adversely affected.

While it’s fine to use other sites for research, rehashing them is pointless and could even have an impact on how your brand is perceived.

But Surely, Quality isn’t THAT Important?

Good content is essential to the success of your brand and website. Low-quality, content that is stuffed with keywords or copied from other websites can be penalised or flagged. If your website is flagged, you won’t show up in searches. If your content is simply poor, you won’t be ranked in the top three. Surveys have shown that approximately 60% of users click on one of the top three results. Increase your chances of being among the top three by providing high-quality, original content to interest and tempt your users to share.

Can Content Really Affect Your Reputation?

When you search a service or product and have your efforts rewarded with bad content, you’ll lose respect for that brand. If a luxury hotel published a blog post recommending an event that’s past or cancelled, you wouldn’t feel confident that their services were any more honest than their website content. Similarly, if your favourite make-up brand’s page is littered with grammatical errors and false claims, you’re not going to recommend it to your friends, are you?

How to Ensure that your Content is Good Content

Using a good copywriting service can make an incredible difference, not only to your Google ranking but also to the way that website visitors interact with your brand. Today, everyone shares, whether it’s a comment or like on Facebook, a pin or a forwarded tweet. And, if people feel a connection to your brand through your published content, they’re much more likely to pass on links to your page or to recommend you to others.

People choose to follow your brand on Twitter or Facebook, not only because they like your product, but because they also enjoy reading the content you post. It’s impossible to guess what your followers and website visitors prefer, whether it’s a ‘How-To’ text, a case study or an interesting story that references your brand. However, we do know own thing for sure low-quality copywriting services will neither win you new fans nor impress your current audience.

What a Good-Quality Copywriting Service Can Do

By using a quality copywriting service you’ll gain engaging, dynamic, and well-written blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and articles which will boost confidence website visitor’s confidence in your brand.

Readers must gain something from visiting your website – whether it’s a piece of new information on your product, the latest industry news or an interesting take on a current event that relates to your brand.

What You Gain

For many consumers, your website is their first point of contact with your brand. It’s where they’ve been taken when they’ve used a search engine to look for the product or service you provide, so your content must grab their attention and captivate them. Think: who is your average customer and what they expect to find when they visit your website? If they find a dull or bland page that doesn’t answer their questions or give them the right information, they’ll simply move on.

By choosing an established copywriting agency, you have access to a larger pool of writing talent. Look for an agency that can provide you with high-quality search engine optimised content right across the spectrum; from blog posts, advertising text and landing pages to translations and fast-turnaround product descriptions.

After all, why settle for bad content when you can post great content?

Written by Diane McCarogher

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