How to Ace that All-important Product Description

product description

When it comes to content marketing for e-commerce, there are definitely a few tried and tested methods of generating sales, but this doesn’t necessarily make it easier to establish success. In fact, it makes it even more competitive.

After speaking (a lot) about SEO and ranking, today we’d like to share with you our tips for creating one of the most essential elements of e-commerce content, that single piece of text that has the power to convert readers into customers: the product description. Read more

Grammarly – help or hindrance?

We all like to think that the content we submit to clients is grammatically correct, and that our text is well structured and coherent. However, most of us habitually make simple mistakes that we don’t even notice. Whether it’s ‘inappropriate use of comma’ (thanks, Grammarly, that seems to be a favourite of mine) or wrongly spelled words, such as defiantly instead of definitely, it’s easy to fall into the mistake mire.

Grammarly is a free tool for writers that has undergone something of a metamorphosis since it first appeared in 2009. It won the 2015 TopTenReviews Gold Award for best grammar checker, and it’s easy to install and use.

The Ultimate Survival Guide for greatcontent Writers

It’s late July or early August and the sun is out. You’re keen to get out there and make the most of it – but in the meantime you’ve got some orders to meet.
Thing is, you’ve hit a problem and you call us.
No reply.
It might be that all of us at Great Content HQ have packed up our buckets and spades and headed off to the beach – or maybe you’re just calling outside of Berlin office hours.

Fear not. Our ultimate survival guide is here to help. With these easy tips you can finish those texts and get out to enjoy the sunshine yourself. (more…)

Find out What Tools our Team are using

Want us to let you in on some of our working efficiency and quick content creation secrets? If you didn’t get a chance to read them in our newsletter, read on to find out our team’s preferred tools to help them produce content. (more…)

How to Write a Good Title


If you are publishing web content, what should be your primary aim? To draw in and hold the attention of readers until your message has been communicated. Beyond that basic goal, there isn’t much else that you should be trying to achieve.

That’s why it is so vital to immediately grab the attention of readers with a catchy, informative title. A good title is the bait to the reader’s fish or the seductive form of a high performance sports car. It compels the reader to look further, making it hard to turn away or click onto something new. (more…)

The Writer to Client Miscommunication Conundrum

KnightIn 1170, Henry II was extremely displeased with the then Arch Bishop of Canterbury Thomas Beckett and strode about his palace ranting. A nearby group of knights, misinterpreting his ravings to be a command, rode straight to Canterbury and almost created a civil war by publicly murdering Beckett.

Now, while miscommunication between writers and clients rarely results in the death of prominent clergy men or domestic warfare, it’s still a problem close to our hearts and our industry. That’s why, in this post, we’ll be giving a brief overview of the causes of this age-old problem and offering some suggestions on how to avoid it, with a little help from our old buddies, the conflict theorists. (more…)