Semantic SEO: bringing Intelligence to search?

Anyone interested in SEO will tell you that it’s constantly changing. This is broadly true and it changes because the search engines change their algorithms, both to improve quality and to eliminate those who want to game the system. But it has always remained focused on simply looking at keywords. Until now…

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Don’t Sabotage Your Company With Cheap Translations


Picture the scene. You’re on the verge of a product launch in a foreign market, everything is perfect, from your social media strategy, branding and product descriptions to your website and retail channels – everything that goes into a successful product launch.

Well, almost everything. It only remains to turn those finely honed product descriptions into similarly informative, precise and appealing texts in the native language of your target market.

So what do you do? When you have a mountain of short, relatively simple texts to process, it’s only natural to try to save money with your translations. When costs have mounted in every other marketing area, surely there’s scope to save money on translation? What could go wrong? Read more…

How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings

fresh content

Back in 2011, when Google changed their search algorithm in a bid to produce results that were ‘fresher’ it was difficult to predict exactly what the outcome would be. Five years later, we’re being told that one out of three searches is now impacted by the freshness factor and that overall results have changed for about 35% of all Google searches. Read more…

An Updated Guide to Meta Tags


A seemingly understated and potentially underused area of content marketing, meta tags have recently undergone a major makeover. In the past few weeks, Google has rolled out an update that could potentially improve the way we write and respond to meta tags. Read more…

The New Google Panda: How to Recover from Hits and Produce Panda-proof Content


Since it was first released back in 2011, Google Panda is arguably the most important for content marketers and writers. But whether you took it head on or tried to sneak around it, this was one bear that wasn’t going to go quietly. Since Google have recently revealed their latest Panda update, we’ll be detailing the newest features, as well as providing our top tips on how to create Panda-proof content. Read more

A Content Marketing Forecast for 2016

The decorations have been stuffed in the garage, the wine has been drunk and even the thought of another turkey sandwich is enough to make us feel queasy. This can only mean the new year is upon us. 2016 promises to be a glistening opportunity for businesses looking to improve their online presence. To help combat the January blues and prepare for the year ahead, we’ll be outlining key points to consider when compiling your company’s resolutions. Read more…

Insight from Buzzsumo and Moz: How to Get More Shares and Links to your Content

From the humble content-writer to the CEO of a major corporation, we can all agree that getting content shared and linked to is crucial to any successful marketing strategy. Done well, great content can help propel you into the commercial stratosphere, far beyond the cyber-graveyard where all bad content goes to die. Visibility is the key objective, as content that is linked to or shared definitely sees a boost in rankings.

Sounds simple enough to do, right? Wrong! (more…)

The Phantom Update: What Google’s Coolest Sounding Update So Far Means

Phantom Update

When word of a ‘Phantom update’ to Google’s search engine algorithms started to emerge recently, fanboys everywhere began to hope fervently that it had something to do with the new Star Wars movie. Sadly for them, and inconsequentially for the rest of us, it had nothing to do with the franchise from a galaxy far, far away and everything to do with the sudden hikes and drops that certain websites where seeing without warning.

‘The Phantom Update’ was dubbed thusly because Google remained conspicuously tight-lipped about the whole thing to the point where, initially, no one was aware anything was due to be changed at all. Recently, however, Google have confirmed with website that it had, in fact, made an update that runs primarily along quality assessment lines, prompting many to re-dub it the ‘Quality Update’. (more…)