Content Marketing World: Reflections on Cutting Edge Content Strategy

Content Marketing World

With a game show, 123 hours of presentations and 225 speakers, Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio provided the definitive, state of the art view into content strategy in 2016 and beyond. It’s not easy to summarise all these insights in a single blog post but were game to give it a try and here we discuss their most interesting takeaways for those who are serious about maximising their returns on content strategy. Read more…

E-Commerce in the UK in 2016: A 6 Month Review


Believe it or not, we’re already 6 months into the year and to celebrate this milestone in the e-commerce calendar we’ll be showcasing the latest findings from Similar Web’s annual review. More specifically, we’ll be showing you how you can use these findings to develop and improve your online marketing strategies for the rest of the year. Read more

How to Adapt Your Content for Mobile

mobile content

It’s a smartphone world and resistance is futile. Anyone in the business of offering website content has to appreciate that, increasingly, their sites are going to be viewed on a compact phone screen. And searched for through it. (more…)

SEO ranking factors for 2014: holistic content is the king

"The future of SEO is about possessing quality content."

“The future of SEO is about possessing quality content.”

The results for 2014 are in, and web analysis experts Searchmetrics have released their findings about how to ensure success in the world of SEO.

What the experts have found after studying the fortunes of 330 million web pages is that things are changing in terms of what factors encourage a high page ranking. This time around, according to Searchmetrics, to succeed in SEO content has to be relevant to users, well-written and holistic. In other words, the future of SEO is about possessing quality content that provides all of the information visitors need. (more…)

Brew with the Boss- Why You Sometimes Need External Writers

Well shucks, guys, you made us blush. It turns out there was a lot of internet love for our Brew with the Boss article, and I’ll be damned if I won’t take any opportunity afforded to me for another cup of tea… And hence, I sidled up for another chat with Jasper, and we talked about internal and external providers of text and ecommerce. (more…)