Brew with the Boss: How to Handle External Writers

In our last Brew with the Boss, we discussed how using external writers can be a gift for ecommerce companies with fluctuating text demands, and promised to cover how to best handle relationships with external writers, and how to avoid potential pitfalls. So in this blog we’re going to look into handling external writers, before Jasper escapes on his honeymoon to South America.


Brew with the Boss- Why You Sometimes Need External Writers

Well shucks, guys, you made us blush. It turns out there was a lot of internet love for our Brew with the Boss article, and I’ll be damned if I won’t take any opportunity afforded to me for another cup of tea… And hence, I sidled up for another chat with Jasper, and we talked about internal and external providers of text and ecommerce. (more…)

A Brew with the Boss- Why Machine Translation Won’t Cut it

It can get a bit, well, busy in our offices, and as a civilised Brit, this can upset my hard-won right to a brew and a sit down. I caught up with the boss, one Jasper Masemann, on a quieter day to get to the bottom of the machine translation argument (and get away from my desk with a cup of tea, obviously). (more…)