Trapped in a Keyword Quagmire? Help is at Hand!

It’s a common problem. You’re a writer, and lord knows you’re handy with a comma or two. But what the blazes are these keywords, and why, are they asking for more than when you started typing? Witchcraft?
Actually, it isn’t witchcraft; welcome to the business end of SEO.

From the Writers’ Bullpen guest writer SamUrq explains away the pain.
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Full House! greatcontent completes its Viking language set

We at greatcontent are very happy to be able to announce the news that Swedish is no longer the sole representative of the proud Nordic languages; we’ve just added Danish, Finnish and Norwegian!  Continue reading

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A Brew with the Boss- Why Machine Translation Won’t Cut it

It can get a bit, well, busy in our offices, and as a civilised Brit, this can upset my hard-won right to a brew and a sit down. I caught up with the boss, one Jasper Masemann, on a quieter day to get to the bottom of the machine translation argument (and get away from my desk with a cup of tea, obviously). Continue reading

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From Level 3 to 5+ in a year- One Writer’s Experience with greatcontent

Second in our “From the Writers’ Bullpen” series, 5+ writer BArmstrong shares her experiences. Continue reading

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Meta What? A Beginner’s Guide to Meta Tags


The opaque world of SEO is littered with vague and seriously techie-sounding vocabulary. Our clients are increasingly looking for texts which are optimised for search engines, which is not necessarily a natural part of our writers’ toolkits. Chief amongst this rag-tag band of confusion bandits are the Meta Tags. So what are these beasties? Today we’ve got a walk through guide for our writers so you lot know what our clients are looking for when they are asking for Meta-anything (any wilful references to the works of James Joyce or other metafiction will, of course, be ignored.)

Here it is. Meta Tags. The essentials. Continue reading

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It didn’t start well – An insider view of writing for greatcontent

The first in our series ‘From the Writers’ Bullpen’, our long suffering and enormously talented 5+ writer, Stephen shares his experiences working with greatcontent: Continue reading

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Please stop talking to yourselves


We know that your company is your baby/spouse/more important than your dog. And therefore we are accustomed to hearing that the idea of outsourcing the content on your website feels decidedly like Joaquin Phoneix’s job in Her (see here for The Awl’s critical take; we at greatcontent disagree, incidentally- go and see it). Outsourcing a labour of love is creepy, intrusive, it’s wrong.

Outsourcing content: not the same as, fortuntely.
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I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this guys, but the insider’s point of view is rarely best.
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Move over Translation

Telling online retailers that we live in a globalised world and that they need their websites to be international has a certain preaching-to-the-choir feel to it. And yet, there are some things that are hard to get marketers on board with. Time and again, we hear our clients asking for translation services for their sites. And, without wishing to trash talk the noble art of translation too much, we’re not convinced that it offers the best possible bang-for-your-buck when it comes to getting into new international markets.

So what’s better? Why isn’t a straight translation the way to go?

Transcreation, that’s what. Or localisation, if you prefer. Continue reading

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Getting Content Right

We’re all looking to get a bigger slice of the cake.



A bit more of the pie.

A bigger cut of the….

Alright, you get the idea. Continue reading

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greatcontent teams up

Sometimes when you meet someone, you just know, y’know?

When greatcontent was introduced to our internet kindred spirit Fruugo, an online retailer specialising in offering shopping in everyone’s native language, well, sparks flew.

And so, we’re thrilled to announce we’ve made things official. Continue reading

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