The Writer to Client Miscommunication Conundrum

KnightIn 1170, Henry II was extremely displeased with the then Arch Bishop of Canterbury Thomas Beckett and strode about his palace, ranting. A nearby group of knights, misinterpreting his ravings to be a command, rode straight to Canterbury and almost created a civil war by publicly murdering Beckett.

Now, while miscommunication between writers and clients rarely results in the death of prominent clergy men or domestic warfare, it’s still a problem close to our hearts and our industry. That’s why, in this post, we’ll be giving a brief overview of the causes of this age-old problem and offering some suggestions on how to avoid it, with a little help from our old buddies, the conflict theorists. Continue reading

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How to write killer blog posts – an interview with Diane

Tea cup

What’s behind a great blog post? We asked Diane, a professional copywriter working on the front line with some of greatcontent’s most demanding writing assignments. Continue reading

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The 3 best ways to maximize traffic

TrafficImagine you’re the CEO of a start-up business, a blogger, the owner of an online shop, or a member of an in-house SEO team. Traffic to your website and how to increase it represents one of the things that keep you awake at night. As well it should. Continue reading

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A post-Panda guide to e-commerce content feat. DaWanda

spice up your recipe for content

spice up your recipe for content

The introduction of Google’s Panda algorithm, as well as its subsequent updates, has been a real game changer for how websites do content.

However, since we regularly get thrown out of parties for our in-depth conversations about exactly how Panda changed the game, we will limit ourselves in this post to summing up that change as follows: Continue reading

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4 Content Marketing Tips for 2015

Your content “things-to-do” list for 2015

Google really started something when it stated the obvious and said people did not want spam clogging up their internet experience. When it followed this up with bruising updates to its search engine that sent offending sites crashing into oblivion, it started a mad scramble for quality content.

Suddenly everyone was talking about it and the phrase ‘content is king’ became an over-used and much abused mantra in digital marketing departments everywhere. Continue reading

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Panda 4.1 update is all about content

Sicher im Auto

Google’s war on duplicate, erroneous and low-quality content was recently stepped up with the launch of the Panda 4.1 search algorithm.

While a number of brands saw their quality content rewarded with higher rankings, many more lost their organic search footprint almost completely. But far from being something to be wary of, Panda 4.1 should be embraced as a revolution in content marketing.

Brands are now reaping the benefits of investment in quality content.

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Pigeon: the Algorithm for local searches


Pigeon, a kind of electronic carrier pigeon, has joined the trusty ranks of Google as of 24 July. according to Twitter. Brian Mayo noticed that he could no longer locate the useful map technology on the main pages of this search engine. His comments echoed those of Mike Blumenthal and Barry Schwartz, and thus a new local search algorithm was created. It has been named ‘pigeon’. Why? Because it enables you to find your way home easily. But what is the role of Pigeon and what are the consequences for the SEO strategies of small and medium-sized enterprises? Let’s find out.

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SEO ranking factors for 2014: holistic content is the king

"The future of SEO is about possessing quality content."

“The future of SEO is about possessing quality content.”

The results for 2014 are in, and web analysis experts Searchmetrics have released their findings about how to ensure success in the world of SEO.

What the experts have found after studying the fortunes of 330 million web pages is that things are changing in terms of what factors encourage a high page ranking. This time around, according to Searchmetrics, to succeed in SEO content has to be relevant to users, well-written and holistic. In other words, the future of SEO is about possessing quality content that provides all of the information visitors need. Continue reading

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Ask Zadra: Do I cater my content for search engines or for users?

In the post, Zadra explains how to tread the line between writing for search engine spiders and writing for users, specifically in international campaigns.

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SEO: A History

SEO is a strange, mutating beast. From its conception, at the outset of search engines, SEO has changed dramatically. For those working in SEO, there is a need to be constantly alert to subtle changes made to search algorithms. In this blog we’re going to chart the history of SEO and outline some of the strategies that are working today. We’re going to start in the bad old days of 1997.

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