Making a living of greatcontent: an interview with SamUrq


Here at greatcontent, we wouldn’t get anywhere without one key element: our writers. We spoke to one writer to gain an insight on what it’s like to earn a living from greatcontent, and asked for tips to help you write more texts with less stress. (more…)

The Phantom Update: What Google’s Coolest Sounding Update So Far Means

Phantom Update

When word of a ‘Phantom update’ to Google’s search engine algorithms started to emerge recently, fanboys everywhere began to hope fervently that it had something to do with the new Star Wars movie. Sadly for them, and inconsequentially for the rest of us, it had nothing to do with the franchise from a galaxy far, far away and everything to do with the sudden hikes and drops that certain websites where seeing without warning.

‘The Phantom Update’ was dubbed thusly because Google remained conspicuously tight-lipped about the whole thing to the point where, initially, no one was aware anything was due to be changed at all. Recently, however, Google have confirmed with website that it had, in fact, made an update that runs primarily along quality assessment lines, prompting many to re-dub it the ‘Quality Update’. (more…)

Finally, a Scientific Approach to the Science of SEO


Back in 2011 debuted its first Periodic Table of SEO factors. This was a compilation of the most important ‘elements’ that go into good SEO practice, and was designed to rescue all of us lost in the sea of thousands of Google’s ranking factors and subfactors. It’s a stretch to say that it’s designed as an SEO basics for Dummies guide (experienced SEO lovers stand to gain a lot from it too) but, suffice to say, anyone willing to admit themselves at the Dummy level when it comes to SEO will learn a lot in a short space of time with this useful visual aid. (more…)

The Ultimate Survival Guide for greatcontent writers


It’s late July or early August and the sun is out. You’re keen to get out there and make the most of it – but in the meantime you’ve got some orders to meet.
Thing is, you’ve hit a problem and you call us.
No reply.
It might be that all of us at Great Content HQ have packed up our buckets and spades and headed off to the beach – or maybe you’re just calling outside of Berlin office hours.

Fear not. Our ultimate survival guide is here to help. With these easy tips you can finish those texts and get out to enjoy the sunshine yourself. (more…)

Find out what tools our team are using


Want us to let you in on some of our working efficiency and quick content creation secrets? If you didn’t get a chance to read them in our newsletter, read on to find out our team’s preferred tools to help them produce content. (more…)

How to adapt your content for mobile

mobile content

It’s a smartphone world and resistance is futile. Anyone in the business of offering website content has to appreciate that, increasingly, their sites are going to be viewed on a compact phone screen. And searched for through it. (more…)

How to write on any topic

How to write on difficult topics

As a content writer you are sometimes going to have to accept those technical, repetitive, boring or downright difficult orders. Often you take them because the platform didn’t have much on offer at the time, and that’s more likely to be at traditionally quiet times such as just after Christmas or the summer holiday period.

However, you became a content writer because you possess the talent and skills to write about any subject, and you know how to take an approach that is positive, flexible and resourceful. Those ‘difficult’ topics are your chance to shine, and there are several ways to make them more interesting and appealing. (more…)

How to write a good title


If you are publishing web content, what should be your primary aim? To draw in and hold the attention of readers until your message has been communicated. Beyond that basic goal, there isn’t much else that you should be trying to achieve.

That’s why it is so vital to immediately grab the attention of readers with a catchy, informative title. A good title is the bait to the reader’s fish or the seductive form of a high performance sports car. It compels the reader to look further, making it hard to turn away or click onto something new. (more…)

3 Marketing Lessons from the Royal Babies


Over the last ten years, power couples such as Kanye and Kim (Kimye) or Brad and Angelina (Brangelina) have deftly whipped up a media storm around themselves through the use of savvy marketing and PR. However, the latest duo to be found at the heart of their own global phenomenon is actually comprised of siblings.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born to have their names contorted into a portmanteau (oh yes, that’s the right word. You can look it up); perhaps something like Geor-lotte, or Char-orge, or maybe Prin-cess. Well, that last one doesn’t really work. Anyway, the point is, that despite one of them only having recently escaped the womb, this young duo have managed to engineer a media frenzy surrounding their pairing as Royal brother and sister, powerfully boosting the once ailing popularity of the British Monarchy. Below we are looking at the main marketing lessons to be learned from this media savvy, pint-sized powerhouse couple. (more…)

10+1 questions to Michael Draxler

Interview Michael - Picture from

Today is not just another day at greatcontent. Yes, there are a lot of texts to be written and emails to answer, but today they will have to wait for a couple of hours longer. We are heading to the office at the end of the corridor to interview somebody that prefers speaking, rather than writing, and wearing caps rather than ties.

Name: Michael Draxler
Position at GC: Head of Sales & Key Account Management
Background: Business Process Optimization / International Sales / Project Management (more…)

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