Semantic SEO: bringing Intelligence to search?

Anyone interested in SEO will tell you that it’s constantly changing. This is broadly true and it changes because the search engines change their algorithms, both to improve quality and to eliminate those who want to game the system. But it has always remained focused on simply looking at keywords. Until now…

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How greatcontent actually produces great content


“What is the meaning of existence?” – Some of the most important questions in life can’t be answered. Luckily for us, others can. Here, for example, we intend to solve the eternal question “how does the greatcontent team actually produce great content?”

The answer, as you’ll soon read, will provide you with several applications for your own approach to content projects, as well as our own secrets (!!!) for success for delivering content projects for our clients.

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Don’t Let Bad Copywriting Services Damage your Brand Reputation


Google ranking is King, FACT! Meaning the quality of your website content can have a profound effect on your brand. Readers won’t to hang around if your website content is repetitive, irrelevant and uninspiring. Plus, low-quality content won’t rank high with Google or other search engines. You get what you pay for. If your copywriting service isn’t delivering content that is engaging, informative and well-researched, your brand reputation will suffer. Read more…

Don’t Sabotage Your Company With Cheap Translations


Picture the scene. You’re on the verge of a product launch in a foreign market, everything is perfect, from your social media strategy, branding and product descriptions to your website and retail channels – everything that goes into a successful product launch.

Well, almost everything. It only remains to turn those finely honed product descriptions into similarly informative, precise and appealing texts in the native language of your target market.

So what do you do? When you have a mountain of short, relatively simple texts to process, it’s only natural to try to save money with your translations. When costs have mounted in every other marketing area, surely there’s scope to save money on translation? What could go wrong? Read more…

Content Marketing World: Reflections on Cutting Edge Content Strategy

Content Marketing World

With a game show, 123 hours of presentations and 225 speakers, Content Marketing World in Cleveland, Ohio provided the definitive, state of the art view into content strategy in 2016 and beyond. It’s not easy to summarise all these insights in a single blog post but were game to give it a try and here we discuss their most interesting takeaways for those who are serious about maximising their returns on content strategy. Read more…

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