E-Commerce in the UK in 2016: A 6 Month Review


Believe it or not, we’re already 6 months into the year and to celebrate this milestone in the e-commerce calendar we’ll be showcasing the latest findings from Similar Web’s annual review. More specifically, we’ll be showing you how you can use these findings to develop and improve your online marketing strategies for the rest of the year. Read more

An Updated Guide to Meta Tags


A seemingly understated and potentially underused area of content marketing, meta tags have recently undergone a major makeover. In the past few weeks, Google has rolled out an update that could potentially improve the way we write and respond to meta tags. Read more…

Writing content for social media: The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’

social media

This week at greatcontent, we’ve been thinking a lot about social media marketing. More specifically, we want to put a spotlight on why we’re all so eager to share our likes and dislikes with our friends and followers. In turn, we’ll also look at the ways that businesses and content marketers can take advantage of the intimate relationship our generation has with social media. Read more…

How to build a solid content marketing persona

content marketing persona

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is tailoring their content to a specified target audience. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at creating personas and how they can help you produce meaningful content that actually resonates with your intended market.

Storytelling: Using narrative content to sell your product


One thing that the travel industry has always done right is that they really know how to sell an experience. Using a combination of unique storytelling methods, travel sites have adapted their marketing strategies in order to stir the imagination of their potential customers.

Looking at specific marketing methods and campaigns from AirBnb, EasyJet and TripAdvisor’s, we’re taking a look at the ways any business could replicate this strategy of success. No matter what you’re selling, developing a dynamic story around your product is a great way to entice and intrigue your online audience. Read more…

A guide to briefing – make yours count

How to write a briefing

Writing a good brief is easier than you may think. A briefing is essentially a blueprint for your finished text so it’s important to get your main points across to the writer clearly and concisely. We’ve compiled a short guide to help you write briefs that are relevant and to the point. Read more…

The New Google Panda: How to recover from hits and produce Panda-proof content


Since it was first released back in 2011, Google Panda is arguably the most important for content marketers and writers. But whether you took it head on or tried to sneak around it, this was one bear that wasn’t going to go quietly. Since Google have recently revealed their latest Panda update, we’ll be detailing the newest features, as well as providing our top tips on how to create Panda-proof content. Read more

How to ace that all-important product description

product description

When it comes to content marketing for e-commerce, there are definitely a few tried and tested methods of generating sales, but this doesn’t necessarily make it easier to establish success. In fact, it makes it even more competitive.

After speaking (a lot) about SEO and ranking, today we’d like to share with you our tips for creating one of the most essential elements of e-commerce content, that single piece of text that has the power to convert readers into customers: the product description. Read more

How to Go Viral: Tips for creating infectious content in 2016


On February 21st, AD 4, news broke that the grandson of Roman Emperor Augustus had died in Lycia. Whilst you’d think that this would be a hot topic across the Empire, it was discovered that the residents of Pisa didn’t actually find out until 36 days later. In an age where we’re fed 12 different cat videos an hour, we often take for granted how quickly content can travel. But, if you want to take advantage of the ability to ‘go viral’, there are a few tips & tricks you need to know before diving head first into the content-rich world wide web.
Read more…

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