Ask Zadra: What are the biggest factors for seach engine ranking?

In this post, The Zadra deals with key factors to consider when working on webcontent strategy, and what to think about when you’re looking to boost your search engine rankings.

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SEO from a Writer’s Perspective

Another installment from our From the Writer’s Bullpen Series, superstar writer Connal tackles the hairy subject of SEO. Continue reading

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Ask Zadra: Webcopy 101


“Web writing is an activity that contributes to the success of a website. In writing texts for the web, one can add value to a site through adding great content and building a site’s character” Webcopy 101 with resident SEO queen and pizza orderer extraordinaire, Italy Manager, Francesca Zadra.  Continue reading

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Brew with the Boss: How to Handle External Writers

In our last Brew with the Boss, we discussed how using external writers can be a gift for ecommerce companies with fluctuating text demands, and promised to cover how to best handle relationships with external writers, and how to avoid potential pitfalls. So in this blog we’re going to look into handling external writers, before Jasper escapes on his honeymoon to South America.

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Google’s Menagerie

How does one distinguish between the Google animal updates, and what do they mean for you? It can be hard to keep abreast all the changes to Google’s ever-expanding algorithm, and the feeling that the rules of the game are constantly changing is a common one. Here I’m going to sketch the most significant changes we’ve seen lately and what that means for the SEO world.

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Traffic


Google is King- But that doesn’t save it from double standards Continue reading

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Brew with the Boss- Why You Sometimes Need External Writers

Well shucks, guys, you made us blush. It turns out there was a lot of internet love for our Brew with the Boss article, and I’ll be damned if I won’t take any opportunity afforded to me for another cup of tea… And hence, I sidled up for another chat with Jasper, and we talked about internal and external providers of text and ecommerce. Continue reading

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Trapped in a Keyword Quagmire? Help is at Hand!

It’s a common problem. You’re a writer, and lord knows you’re handy with a comma or two. But what the blazes are these keywords, and why, are they asking for more than when you started typing? Witchcraft?
Actually, it isn’t witchcraft; welcome to the business end of SEO.

From the Writers’ Bullpen guest writer SamUrq explains away the pain.
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Full House! greatcontent completes its Viking language set

We at greatcontent are very happy to be able to announce the news that Swedish is no longer the sole representative of the proud Nordic languages; we’ve just added Danish, Finnish and Norwegian!  Continue reading

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A Brew with the Boss- Why Machine Translation Won’t Cut it

It can get a bit, well, busy in our offices, and as a civilised Brit, this can upset my hard-won right to a brew and a sit down. I caught up with the boss, one Jasper Masemann, on a quieter day to get to the bottom of the machine translation argument (and get away from my desk with a cup of tea, obviously). Continue reading

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